Power Rangers Legacy Wars new game

Rita Ripalasa infects the space dine, morphine grid, which virtual demons and ranger clones program to fight for her. Fight your curate team of legendary Power Rangers and Multiverse Villains!
Connect between the states and complete your army in this modern world war game of modern strategy. Launch a massive military offensive to crush your enemy’s army and terrorist army to gain nuclear support. Winning wars with nations and forging alliances, building military bases through modern tanks, aircraft, and missiles, and traveling enemy territory with strength and vigor.

Real time war players
Strategize against real players in real-time multiplayer PvP action, fight iconic locations in Power Range Multiverse, including Lord Z’s Throne House, Terrorist Spacecraft, Dino Lab, and more, and unlock different areas. Test your skills against direct players around the world and go to the leaderboard.

Stunning Console Quality Graphics
Experience your favorite Power Rangers and their iconic moves before 3D with stunning visuals and animations. This fighting game looks fantastic ranging from elaborate characters to great environments.

Collect new and iconic Power Rangers
Unlock the new Rangers and assemble 80+ fighters in multiverse of Power Ranges from the new Ranges Power Rangers to Classic Rangers. You can collect villains including Golder, Lord Jade, Psycho Rangers and many more.

Battles and fights with many more giant megazords including Dino Megajord, Mega Gorder, Predjord, Thunder Megajord. Customize your Mega Order with Mega Attack. Equipped with more than 12 mega powers to destroy your opponent. Move your Megazards and join Megazords Alliance Wars where you will fight against other alliances to make your alliance proud.

  • Stunning 3D graphics
    Easy and practical car control
  • Choose a different car for 40+
  • 5 broad climates: suburbs, deserts, snow, rain and city nights
  • Rich type of NPC traffic including truck, bus and SEOV.
    Basic optimization by paint and wheel
    Online online leaderboards and acquisitions

The gameplay
Tilting or touching the vehicle

  • Touch the gas button to increase speed
  • Touch the brake button to slow down


  • The faster you score the better
  • Overtake cars to get bonus score and cash while driving more than 100 km

Traffic racer will be updated regularly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

Custom team
Choose your favorite fighter and make the best team for you to fight. Upgrade your favorite fighters to join your team. With your ultimate team, you can challenge the top players in battles around the world.

Be strong
Upgrade your best fighters with Joe Shardt Battles, missions and more to increase your winning streak and battle stats. Be the strongest team in the world.

Team up with your friends
Make connections for sharing, chat and business strategies, tactics and combo! Watch replays to learn from other members and follow your favorite players and request and watch with other players in your alliance. Take part in alliance missions where you can work together to earn Gaylard shards, Energy Reza and more.

The campaign
The new PVE raids also fight against AI heroes, villains and megazord. Join the single phase or the engagement phase where you can earn epic rewards.

Earn epic rewards
Fight and fight in PVP and PVE to win Moff B, X, Coins and other prizes. Complete missions and events for special rewards to upgrade your team of fighters and dominate your opponents.

Capcom Street Fighters Cross-Over
In the most popular fighting game fighters ever enter the morphine grid. Riya, Chun-Li, Gayle, Kemi, M. Collect your favorite street warrior characters including Bison and Akuma.

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