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Ice & Fire Live Wallpaper wrapper. Stylish water abstract stylish abstract free live wallpapers that mimic a set of water surfaces and beautiful abstract backgrounds.
Leaf Live Wallpaper – Global Fall Leaves, animated wallpapers without the effect of flying with green branches will help you to be independent with a set of photovoltaic and abstract backgrounds and many options to keep the sun spring / summer days away from the atmosphere. Will help to enjoy
Flower 3D Parallax Backgrounds – Stunning 3D Multi-Layered with 7 Beautiful Floral Background Sets, Dynamic Animated 3D Butterflies, Stunning Live & Wallp Lapters with Free: Tulip Flowers, Sunflowers, Valley Lilies, Daffodils and more. Touch the screen and watch the colorful 3D butterfly dresses with your finger. Download this free 3D parallax theme app, it will be a nice decoration for your Android phone or tablet.

Key Features:

  • A set of photos and abstract images for the background
    Dynamic falling leaves (12 types of leaves)
  • Flight Maya
  • Dynamic lights
  • The wallpaper wrapper on this page fully supports horizontal curvature and looks great on both mobile phone and tablet devices and supports screen switching
  • This wallpapers app will sleep while deactivating your phone, so this live wallpapers will not drain your battery
  • Original Smooth 3D animation (compatible with mobile phone devices, based on OpenGL ES 2.0, 99%)

How to configure these free wallpapers and wallpapers with the pages on your phone’s home screen: to two apps Display Display Settings → W → Lappers → Home screen and wallp Lappers → Live & wallp Lappers VS. Live page and wallpapers
A great view of spring spring tuno with three moving butterflies, thousands of flowers, fountains under a huge tree, moving clouds and dandelions. All of this and much more can be found in these amazing free 3D live wallpapers. Install it, and it will make you feel cool and refreshed in the shade during the day in the scorching heat. Enjoy the beauty of the flower area. See beautiful 3D animated butterflies flying beautifully. This live wallpaper will be a perfect decoration for your phone or tablet and will keep you happy for a long time.


  • Ability to set beautiful abstract backgrounds and customize your image
  • The effects of smoking
  • Direct effect of water, which causes drops and ripples on the water
    Dynamic prolapse and flight into fire
    There are over 50,000 selected HD and 4K type backgrounds
    Regular catalog updates, including manual catalogs
    Image sorted by date, rating and popularity
    Image Image Search Tag Tag c
    Support any resolution screen
    Adding favorites for easy access to your favorite backgrounds
    Download Finder Image for efficient installation
    Save arrow images to SD card or gallery
    Image creation before installation
    Lock the wallpaper on the screen
    Inter-automatic background changes with fixed pause (live nature and wallp lapers)
    Photo info for days and weeks
    Android is a great Android and style design
    Use the least resources and don’t run out of batteries
    The app is compact, takes minimal memory and is absolutely free

How to configure this animated free animated screensaver on your phone screen: Home → Apps Settings Display Settings → W → Lappapers → Home screen and wallp lapers → Live and wallp lapers Fire and Ice and wallp lappapers

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