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Real Piano app with musical instruments helps you learn chords and musical notes for free! Learn to play piano keys in a very interesting way!
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With the multi-speed high definition stereo template, iCrand Piano allows you to play piano, playable, transparent and beautiful sound available on mobile devices, you can play anytime, anywhere.

Igrid Piano Free offers you 2 world class pianos (including a recording). In the free version the devices are limited to 4 numbers based on Medium C (C1 to C5). Purchase the full “upgrade to full version” option to get the full 88-reference range and provide an additional 6 tools for your free app, such as the paid version.

Buy Piano Extension 1 to enhance your piano library with 9 additional advanced instruments or add Piano Extension 2 with all 22 new instruments including Hollywood Piano, Piano + String Layer and Harpy Card.

Record your rehearsals and performances using iGrand Piano as a plugin for a sound camera (which requires a Samsung Professional Audiode Sync device). You can change the tempo of your area or use a different piano after completing your performance.

Egrand Piano includes professional MIDI shows for many ideal piano instruments or to promote your creative art!

The easy-to-use toolbar gives you real-time control over the panel to adjust the size of the cover, ID level (open, closed or anything), brightness, envelope output, key transitions and adjustments.

Designed to work natively with most Android synced MIDI controllers, such as the Icon Piano, IK Multimedia’s ultra-portable 37 mini-key Irish Keys keyboard and super compact 37 full-size IRC Keys Pro keyboard. A micro USB cable connection from OTG and IKE is required. The store can be purchased separately from the online store.
Complete the piano keyboard key with 88 keys
Play tiles, piano keyboard, midi keyboard: Playing multiplayer mode makes it easy for you to follow
Full double piano keyboard with full functionality
Training is more than 650,000 songs for your practice
Record your songs
Connect and play id midi keyboards
Save downloaded MIDI file to external storage
Read and play logs from external storage
Load the MIDI file into external storage to play on a virtual piano (in-app) or real piano instruments (MID keyboard) via a USB OTG cable / MIDI cable.
Belly Piano is an application specifically for children and parents to play music, sing great songs, discover different sounds, and develop musical skills.

The application interface is colorful and bright. This will keep you interested and your child will enjoy learning music while playing interesting games.

Your child will only improve his abilities. Blue piano helps develop memory, concentration, imagination and creativity and motor skills, intelligence, emotion and speech.

The whole family can develop their musical talent and music system together!
Piano, xylophone, amsol, flute, organ. Every instrument has real sounds and performances. You can use your imagination to make your music on various devices for free.

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