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You can play Ludo Master (Parsi, Granaris, Park) with 2 or 4 players in the room. Enemies will be determined automatically or you can create a private room and invite your friends.

Do you want to become Lot Raja, also known as Parsi? Start playing now and win! You can be a good wrestling star.

The game offered 3 game modes:

  • Classic – Classic Ludo game mode. Keep all your tokens at home
  • Fast – Fast Ludo Game .NG. Only have 1 token to complete the game
  • Master – Master wrestling format. You can create Tale tokens to stop your opponents and not let them become the wrestling stars of this game.

You get a free Fortune Wheel spin every 24 hours! You can get up to 500k coins.

Invite your Facebook friends to join the game and collect additional coins. You can also get free coins by watching video ads.

Chat with other players and then send feelings. This makes the game more interesting.

Play this exciting game of Royal, Queens and Kings. You will never give up.

Each match gives you a new star. Winning so many games will make you the king of wrestling!

Ludo Master is a strategic board game for two to four players in which players complete their four token dice scrolls from the beginning. Like other cross and round sports, Ludo is an Indian sport that exceeds 25, but is easier. The game and its genres are known in many countries and by various names.

Each player moves sideways. In Ludo Master, a player wants to play 6 rolls from his yard to place a token in his starting class. If a player does not yet have a token and someone scrolls past 6, the next player’s turn comes. Once a player has one or more tokens in the game, he selects the token and moves the number of squares represented on the track to the track. Players must always transfer tokens according to the value of the rolled pie. Pass not allowed. If no action is possible, the turn will go to the next player.

When there are 6 scrolls, the Ludo Master Player can choose to move the token already in the game or add another level of the token to its starting category. Rolling 6 gives the player an extra or “bonus” role. If the bonus roll returns to 6, the player gets an additional bonus roll. If the third roll is also 6, the player should not walk and immediately passes to the next player.
The best multi-line multiplayer Ludo board game of tournaments and championships. “Ludo Champion” is a traditional game that offers local mode (ie pass and play), online multiplayer multiplayer (playing against other players around the world) and private multiplayer (face to face game). Room). At the same time, Ludkom is as lucky as he is. This curved area may be due to its simple gameplay, which requires less training as well as emerging nerves. Most people remember playing wrestling when they grew up with family or friends. Memories of calling Ludo, so his players love themselves.

Ludok Amp is specifically designed for Ludo players who want to play with real players and participate in various materials such as tournaments and championships. This board game is designed to provide an interesting and exciting experience for those who love wrestling. It is a user-friendly mobile app game specially designed for wrestling lovers with new creations, technologies, thrilling and thrilling gaming experience. Ludocom is specifically designed to give real players around the world the thrill of playing with online players.


  • play absolutely free
  • 2 or 4 player biased board game
  • Use very little data – works easily on 2G, 3G, 4G!
  • Play Ludo Dice game in flight mode offline with computer and your friends.

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