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Get ready for a highly addictive bubble shooting game and help Master Chef Bubble Shooter Shop come up with some delicious recipes!

Be a Master Chef! Complete the first level to get the Gold Pin. The chef needs your help in collecting the dishes in this exciting adventure!

Become a great bubble shooter and pop bubble with experienced contrasting graphics and boosters. Bubble Shooter is not only a simple bubble fitting game, it is also a mental exercise game. Pop and blast-free balls in this fun puzzle game by combining colors. Hit the target and get the position.

In this bubble shooter game, you must aim, match and exchange the colors of the line. Join the bubbles in this bubble burst challenge with difficulties on different levels as you move from one level to another!
Enjoy this super smooth bubble break game. Make 2 or more bubbles of the same color nearby to break them. Set your strategy to maximize your score. You can choose to apply side gravity to the bubble, which is very different from other bubble-breaking games.

Game Selection and Customization:

  • Bubble Color – 6 different colors to choose from.
  • Bubble Breaker – Games vary from 6 to 10
  • Bubble-breaking sound effects – pleasant and attractive effects
  • Bubble Plant Animation – Follow Gravity Package
  • Score animation – show each number or not
  • Bubble Game Backgrounds – Different backgrounds for your choice
    Shoot and pop all the bubbles in this colorful, puzzle adventure and enjoy hundreds of exciting levels filled with amazing boosters and fun challenges. Test your color skills in this free puzzle game, clear the board and win the level.
    Plan your moves carefully!

Why play:

  • Tap the screen to land the laser target and land it on the breaking bubble.
  • Combo combination with at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop up.
  • Collect chests of all treasures and win points!
  • Overcome all challenges and solve bubble-filled puzzles.
  • Use powerful boosters to blast layers.
  • Enjoy fun logic puzzles and puzzles.
  • Plan your moves with motivational tricks and try to get 3 stars in each level.
  • The higher the number of bubbles removed from the board in a single shot, the higher the score.
    — power generator —-
  • Fireball – Remove as many red bats as you want to fill the fireball. Use this to clean a large area with a ball.
    Sun Ball – Destroy more yellow balls to fill the sun ball. Use a ball to clean three small areas.
  • Waterball – Destroy more blue balls to fill the water ball. Use this to sweep the ball line horizontally.
  • Leaf Ball – Remove most of the green ball to fill the leaf ball. Also use it to destroy balls.

— Sports Goods and Obstacles —-

  • Key 6 Game Bubbles. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.
  • Bubble of fire – destroying a large area
  • Leaf bubble – Finish vertically.
  • Water bubble – horizontal clearing.

— special —

  • 10 beautiful views
  • Choose from 4 favorite pets and play
  • rain / snow effect
  • Fill 4 power ups.
  • EANAP- does not buy.
  • free
  • frequent updates
    Bubbles and explosive colors and explosive puzzles to rescue trapped birds! Upgrade your skills with the most popular games of all time! Join the boosters and enjoy the classic bubble shooting challenge to get the most out of this efficient bubble pop pop ping game!
    Free the classic and highly addictive bubble pop to match 3 colors and clear surfaces.

Simple, addictive, disgusting, fun game!
This is a great sniper game that is simple and easy to learn, it is fun for the family!

Test your strategy skills!

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