By | November 7, 2020

SweetQueen is a new payment generation of multi-step, counter and activity tracking applications that lets you use digital coins – sweat coins – your gadgets, sports kits, fitness training, healthy nutrition and more.

Sweet Coin converts your steps into a new digital currency known as “Sweet Coin”. Spend hard-earned money on products, services and experiences with our sales associates or other customers, donate or share what you love with your friends and family.

The farther you go – the faster and healthier you are -> the richer you become.

Worth the move!

Sweet coins allow you to practice indoors or outdoors and sweat coins are also obtained from it.

Sweet currency activity tracking lets you track your progress.
With Sweet Coin you will be able to offer special discounts and free offers with products for our market.

Whether you want to stay in shape, lose weight or find out your fitness level, Sweet Coins is the perfect app to stay healthy.

You can use SweetQueen on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) and your smartwatch (currently available to keep Android Clothing compatible on Apple Plus and Watch Ch).


Pedometer: Sweet coin will run in the background without wasting any battery, allowing you to count your steps as a step tracker or pacer.

Marketplace: Get special offers for free, prizes and discounts you won’t get anywhere else. You can redeem a found coin while active, making the first health-based coin a sweet coin.

Crowdfunding: If you like, you can also help make your activity an important factor for you. Use the coins you have received to support various charitable projects by our partner NGOs. Once you donate to Sweet Queens for their purpose then we will give the correct currency (Dollar, Pound, Euro) to these companies.

Social Sharing: Ever wanted to organize step-by-step competitions with your friends? Or group with your family and work towards a common goal? Keep up the good work, as we are upgrading Sword Queen with leaderboards, contests, defeats and more (these features are currently in beta, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks to get them).

Set Your Goals: Whether you have a New Year’s resolution or you just want to challenge yourself regularly, you can set a goal and keep an eye on the Sweet Queen.

Security: SweetQueen uses its own algorithm to calculate its activity. This means that unlike other applications, we do not track your location and we do not share any information with any third party. Your data is alone (and always will be!).
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