By | October 29, 2020

This application is a short video sharing application for Pakistanis. This light comedy theme is designed to show people their latest video case. Veer provides users with a simple and intuitive interface to create, edit and share short videos of their entertainment, while visiting a library of the best entertainment and dance songs in Pakistan.
We have made it easy for you to create and create great videos by capturing fun and memorable moments to share with the Pakistani community. Take your video to the next level with special video effects filters, music and more. Life moves fast, so count every second and tell the world what you got!

Veer is your one-stop app that lets you enter and enter the world of entertainment where you can create and watch funny videos that can be used to post WhatsApp status videos. , The fun never ends with the war. There is.

All the locals like to use Veer. You can find short funny videos, funny poetry videos in Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, English or any other language.
Watch thousands of videos selected for you
Based on customized video feeds that you watch, like and share. Short video app will add your taste quickly so that you provide the most interesting, interesting, entertaining, amazing, designed videos that you will never want to miss.

Bring joy and influence to the global community of creators
A lot of creators are on the ticket. A short video application that showcases his great talents, precious moments and insights. Encourage yourself.

We create exclusive music playlists for you with the most popular tracks in each category including hip category, ATM, pop, rock, rap, country and more.

Use mo emoji stickers and face filters
There are 100+ free emoji stickers to take your video to the next level. Open funny face filters and beauty effects in your videos.

Tool editing tool allows you to easily organize, cut, merge and copy video clips
The current series is constantly updated with new, creative designs
Dance, Katie, Volgo, food, games, DIY, animals and everything in between. Find videos from unlimited genres.

A small video organization
Short videos to meet interesting people and watch interesting videos. People from all over the world are coming on tickets. Tickets are fine – a small video app will give you the chance to meet millions of talented artists from all over the world, and even befriend friends with young people in or around your city.
Short video application for making short videos in your language that you can watch anytime. Sharing short, entertaining and original content around the world in the app will make your creativity go viral anywhere.
The small video app has great camera marrow filters, slow motion, thousands of background sound and more so that you can shoot cool and compelling videos.

camera and small video application. Filters and more.

Video editing and duration editing, video recording, import cut video, multiple video stitching, adding filters,
Advanced editing of animation, music, MV, subtitles, graffiti and other short videos.

What’s inside:

VMV, video filters and video effects
– Add movie-style video filters and full effects, such as glue effects, frozen motion.
Video link and video connector without watermark.

SL Photo Slideshow Maker
– Short video maker with music and photos, Pro video connecter application, combining photos to create slideshows. Video with photos

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