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Thousands of excellent photography colleges, farming and design tools. A complete library of art professional photo filters, frames, backgrounds and borders. Finding and adding GIFs from the web makes it easy to add photos and create memes.

Avatar creation too
– Customize your personal avatar.
– Allows you to get the latest hair fashion in terms of style and clothes.
– The shape of the avatar can be changed to match your shape.
– Bitcoin sticker for your photo editor.

Magic effect
– Scent Camera APA Camera. Complete your future and past in children under 50 and 70.
– The child of the future. Picture your future baby with predictions, you will know if your future baby is a boy or a girl.
– Add fun and dynamic stickers to the AR sticker camera and take your interesting photos with the shutter.
Unilateral facial makeup:
Lipstick and Cosmetics – Apply color to your lips and eliminate any risk
Redesign – Full smile, enlargement of cheekbones, wide eyes, redesign of nose
Clone – Hide pimps, remove background items and fix damaged hair
Focus – Blur the background and bring your face to the fore
Touch a finger to soften wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin
White teeth
Take out the bags under the eyes
Diet – The whole picture will be thin and long
+ Creator led by C Maker: 300+ different gallery templates to combine images with different inns, create templates to suit your needs too! Create your own image! Nothing is possible
+ Crop and resize: Supports horizontal and vertical crop and resize. Cut and resize your images at different rates
+ Filters: Excellent filter decoration, retro, natural, hall, black and white and all kinds of festive filters. Bad or bad weather, you can still make better pictures
Post full size image without shadow effect, consignment, matte background
+ 1000+ Funny Stickers You can add your favorite emojis to photos.
+ You can create splash images, blurred images, blurred square images, mirror images, 3D effects, extended fit
+ You can create scrapbook-like images.
+ You can add two images
+ Add a blurred background to your photo
+ You can add text to the image
+ Add stickers to your photo
+ Filter, rotate, rotate memo text, photos and center from PIP camera

+ Share your photo via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mail (like Gmail, Yahoo).
+ You can change the background of the image
+ Save your photos in HD mode and select the size you want to save.
+ If you are lazy, you can use random buttons in the upper right corner
+ Support for over 80 languages
+ Easily view photos you create


This app is a powerful photo maker with a photo editor function for you. Share your photos and videos on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter via the Camera app.

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