By | October 25, 2020

Status Saver – Video Downloader, Story Saver Image and Video Collector is a repository for storing stories, photos, images and new status, making it easier to view and reuse status savers. Saver & Video Saver WhatsApp is an excellent level in the videos store downloader application for storing videos and photos, no need to ask anyone to send a download link, can save unwanted photo or video. Image capture is very easy with color and text protection. Similarly, the video player will enable uninterrupted video streaming.

– Open Status Saver – View every level of Video Downloader, Story Saver app and save to gallery with one click. This level viewer lets you better view all levels from your storage.

– State Saver – Video Downloader, Story Saver is the first application that helps save a simple and business environment.

How to use:

– It’s not easy, it’s very easy to do
– Download Save New Level, then click Save Video or Image of Any Level
– Check friends status / stories as needed
– Click the State Saver application, click the Safe button and download it to the internal storage / gallery.
– The best forward options are displayed on the screen, use them as you wish.
– View friends WA status This app must be automatically updated to the new status
– You can download photo positions through the status saver app.
– This is the new Status Downloader 2020 app that can download video statuses.
– Status Downloader is a much needed application until 2020.
– Application Flyline This application will help you to download and download Line Flyline Status Downloader.
– Friends, download the WA status downloader with the status saver app.

Status Saver – Video Downloader, Story Saver Features:

. Save, delete, and share external applications
Easy setup from application to WA level
Dr. .. Download the gallery and save the WA status as soon as possible
Dedicated image viewer and video player
. The best WA level video download app
You can select multiple photos or videos.

When you view a friend’s video and photo status, ask your friend who gave the status to the person who dropped the status, now you can change any status using the Video Stator – Story Saver app Can be downloaded directly. Sends you the status of this slow process.

Status Saver – Video Saver for WA, Story Saver, can save all videos and statuses in your status storage from WA Status at the same time. It can support automatic download modes for WA Business.

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