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The video player easily enables all video formats. It supports HD, Full HD and 4K video. You can enjoy high quality audio or audio on your Android device without any effort. Playing the Full HD video player with balance helps cool your audio pair.

The MP4 video player offers the best features offline. You can hide your videos and set a screen lock for access.
Feature Highlights:

Clip Footage:
Split your video into a subclip and play each subdivision separately, this is a completely different video than the one before on your device. Watch unique scenes (action, child, romance, songs, etc.) that you really like without playing the entire video and enjoy the pain of finding your favorite scenes.

Home Screen Widget:
Play all your videos from the home screen without opening the app. With the widget, all your videos are listed and accessible from the home screen.

OP Pop (floating) player:
Play videos in small popup format. Now you can enjoy your videos and do other things (chat with friends, shop online).

Back player:
Play background video as audio only. Great for listening to video songs, long phrases etc. in the background.

List your videos. Sort your favorite videos by category, and watch them easily.

Amazing volume and brightness control:
Control the size and brightness of your fingers. Use appropriate gestures to change controls.

Easy RE Online Sorting:
Play video play videos online without the hassle of video and video sync.

Now you can create bookmarks for online videos. Play the bookmark video from the ‘Bookmarks’ section without searching again.

Music player video player with all formats
Enable great video player app with all video formats and great HD player playback with great built-in music player on phones, tablets and Android TV devices.
Download doctor’s videos and play your viral videos easily.
At the very least, although it is a music player for HD video, movie players and Android gadgets, it is also a multimedia player for Android.

This video player uses the best video playback quality to use solution tools to make your video HD playback faster and easier!

Using the smallest size and smallest memory, the video player gives you a useful experience for slowly compiling simple, high-quality recordings and greeting motion pictures.

The HD video player can record partitions on the phone’s memory and SD card by default, allowing you to quickly find and play videos.

HD Video Player for Android supports 3GP, AVI, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV and many popular video formats.

Weird Highlights:

* Very small size and quick start

* Easy playback for HD and official logs and motion pictures

* Support slide game window and make your device easy while playing logs

* Set a password and hide your personal records and movies which are easy to secure.

salient feature:

– Automatically separate all video and music documents on your phone.

– Easily supports all video formats, HD, Full HD and 4K recording.

– floating game widget

– Background with small size, low memory usage and high efficiency

– Complicated beginnings

– Easy tracking and playback of all your video and audio recordings

– Hide video recordings and ensure your safety.

– Search for posts and envelopes


Media Best Media Player:
Enable all video formats like K4K video player, MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, WMV, FLV.
Support multiple audio pair tracks and multiple subtitles
Have fun with your kids
4 4K Play – Ultra HD Video Files
Computer game video of your computer / server / NAS (SMB, UPN).
Configure audio / video sync manually
Folder background option with recently added and recently played list

what. The player
Free music player 2020 with built-in equivalent
Quickly find your favorite audio pair from MP3
Search for album, artist, genre album mp3 songs
Set color sharing, deletion or ringtone options

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